Upcoming events

    • 10/04/2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Skagit County Courthouse, 205 W Kincaid St, Mount Vernon, WA 98273


    Jury Trials in Skagit County
    in a Post-Pandemic World

    October 4, 2023

    Noon to 1:00 p.m.

    Skagit County Superior Court

    (1 CLE Credit Pending)

    Superior Court jury trials will completely return to the courthouse at some point this fall. This CLE will orient attorneys to expectations, experience what it’s like to be a juror, and ask questions before we shift back to something similar (but not identical) to what we did before COVID.

    This CLE is in-person only, there will not be a Zoom Version

    *This is free CLE and attendance is reported only for Skagit County Bar Association Members. Non-members who attend can self-report their credits.  CLE credits will be approved only upon completion of attendance and evaluation forms sent to the registrants by email after the event.

    • 10/19/2023
    • 5:00 PM
    • Skagit Golf and Country Club, 16701 Country Club Dr, Burlington, WA 98233

    2023 State of the Judiciary Dinner

    October 19, 2023

    Happy Hour: 5:00 pm
    Dinner: 6:00 p.m.

    Skagit Golf and Country Club,16701 Country Club Dr, Burlington, WA 98233 

    Dinner and No Host Bar

    Featuring judicial addresses from
    the Presiding Judges of District and Superior Court
    on the State of the Judiciary.

    SCBA Members: $56

    SCBA Members who are "New Attorneys":  $50
    ("New Attorneys" discount for attorneys admitted to practice anywhere in the United States for less than 2 years)

    Sign up now for our yearly tradition and an evening of
    good company, good food, and good fun.

    Please Register and Pay Online by October 9th at noon.

    This event is only open to current members of the Skagit County Bar Association as a benefit of your membership.  It is thanks to your membership and your support that SCBA is able to organize these events.

Past events

09/28/2023 FREE* SCBA/WSCPA CLE -- WA capital gains tax and WA estate tax updates/overview
09/09/2023 2023 Skagit Legal Aid Annual Fundraiser
09/05/2023 SCBA's Special Meeting of the Membership
08/31/2023 Skagit Legal Aid -- CLE and Happy Hour
08/24/2023 2023 Annual 4 Counties Golf Tournament
07/27/2023 Skagit Legal Aid Happy Hour with Free LFOs and IPAs
06/27/2023 SCBA's Regular Meeting of the Membership of the Association
06/15/2023 Skagit Beer & Justice
06/14/2023 FREE* SCBA CLE -- ABCs of LGBTQ+ and Improving Legal Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Community and Clients
06/01/2023 Court of Appeals, Div. I -- June 1 at Skagit Valley College
05/10/2023 FREE* SCBA CLE -- Navigating Appeals
05/04/2023 2023 Law Day's Dinner Event
05/04/2023 2023 Law Day Legal Clinic
04/27/2023 FREE* SCBA CLE -- Disciplined Discovery
03/22/2023 FREE SCBA CLE* -- Skagit County Superior Court Rules and Administration
03/15/2023 SCBA Regular Business Meeting
02/15/2023 FREE SCBA CLE* -- Successfully Concluding Family Law Cases from Start to Finish
02/03/2023 Skagit Legal Aid - Free CLE and Luncheon
01/11/2023 SCBA's FREE CLE* -- Common Ethical Dilemmas and an Overview of Recent Advisory Opinions
12/13/2022 2022 SCBA and Judges' Holiday Party
11/19/2022 2022 Silver and Gold Gala to Benefit Skagit Legal Aid
11/14/2022 FREE CLE -- Civil Legal Aid: Transforming Lives, Advancing Equal Justice
11/07/2022 2022 SCBA's Annual Business Meeting
10/25/2022 2022 State of the Judiciary Dinner
09/27/2022 WSCPA and SCBA's FREE CLE* -- Real Estate Tax Update
09/23/2022 Skagit Legal Aid's Happy Hour House Party & Fundraiser
08/29/2022 SCBA and SLA FREE* CLE -- Therapeutic Courts and Teen Courts in Skagit County
07/25/2022 SCBA Quarterly Executive Meeting
07/21/2022 SLA/SCBA Happy Hour
06/16/2022 SLA/SCBA Happy Hour
06/13/2022 FREE SCBA's CLE* -- Improving Representation of LGBTQ Clients
05/12/2022 2022 Skagit County Bar Association Law Day Celebration and Dinner
05/12/2022 2022 Law Day Legal Clinic
04/29/2022 Skagit Legal Aid -- Free Tribal Law Training CLE and Luncheon
03/07/2022 FREE SCBA's CLE* -- Courtroom Advocacy: What the Judges Think You Should Know
02/16/2022 FREE SCBA's CLE* -- Minor Uniform Guardianship Act: Nuts, Bolts and Pitfalls
01/10/2022 FREE SCBA CLE -- Identification and Preservation of Electronically Stored Information
12/02/2021 Skagit Silver & Gold Gala
11/29/2021 SCBA's Annual Business Meeting, 2021
10/06/2021 Free Mini CLE Training Series about Updates to Landlord-Tenant Law
09/14/2021 FREE SCBA CLE* -- Updates, New Procedures, and New Programs from Skagit County District and Municipal Courts
08/26/2021 2021 Annual 4 County Golf Tournament
06/08/2021 Joint CLE Program Skagit County Bar Association and WSCPA: COVID Fallout & Biden’s Key Tax Proposal
05/04/2021 Law Day Cocktail Hour
05/03/2021 FREE SCBA CLE* -- Legal Research Refresher
04/05/2021 FREE SCBA CLE* -- Is Chapter 13 Underutilized? Chapter 13 under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and what it can be used for
03/01/2021 FREE SCBA's CLE* -- Conducting Hearings and Trials in Skagit County Superior Court: Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person
02/18/2021 Zoom Meeting with Court Commissioner Shand regarding Family Law Updates and Uniform Guardianship Act for Minors
02/08/2021 FREE SCBA CLE* -- Immigration Law 2021
01/11/2021 FREE SCBA's CLE* -- Ethics Issues and Conflict of Interest Analyses in a Small Legal Community
12/10/2020 Holiday Cheer and Justice
11/16/2020 SCBA's Annual Business Meeting
10/26/2020 Skagit VLP Annual CLE (ONLINE) -- Social Justice and Racial Equity in the Civil Legal System
09/14/2020 SCBA Presents -- Meet and Greet Both Skagit County Superior Court's Judicial Candidates
09/14/2020 FREE LIVE WEBINAR -- Cellphone Forensics: Applications in Discovery and Investigations
08/17/2020 SCBA's Members Meeting
06/15/2020 SCBA Free CLE -- Low Bono and Unbundled Services
02/29/2020 11th Annual Think Summer! -- Dinner and Auction for Skagit VLP
02/03/2020 Title 11 Guardianships and Washington State's New Uniform Guardianship Act
12/09/2019 Skagit County Judges and SCBA’s Annual Holiday Party
11/18/2019 SCBA Annual Business Meeting
11/13/2019 Beer and Justice
11/06/2019 VLP Fundraising CLE -- The Art of Real Estate: Buying, Selling, Leasing and Financing
09/30/2019 State of the Judiciary Dinner 2019
09/09/2019 FREE SCBA CLE -- Ethics & Civility
08/16/2019 Skagit - Whatcom - Island - San Juan Bar Associations Golf Tournament & Dinner
06/05/2019 Skagit VLP Volunteer Appreciation Party
06/03/2019 FREE SCBA CLE -- Disciplined Discovery
05/06/2019 FREE SCBA CLE -- Federal Tax Update
04/29/2019 Law Day Clinic
04/27/2019 Have a Heart Run
04/24/2019 Law Day & Liberty Bell Dinner 2019
04/01/2019 FREE SCBA CLE -- JUDGMENT RECOVERY: Turning Your Victory Into Cash
03/11/2019 Tips from the Bench
03/02/2019 10th Annual Think Summer! Dinner and Auction
02/04/2019 SCBA's FREE CLE -- Bankruptcy 101: Chapters 7 & 13
01/07/2019 Granddaddy's Bible and a Ford F150 - Interest Based and Evaluative Mediation Techniques and Mediation Ethics Review
12/03/2018 Skagit County Judges and SCBA’s Annual Holiday Party
11/19/2018 SCBA's Annual Business Meeting
11/08/2018 Skagit Beer and Justice
10/24/2018 Annual VLP CLE - October 24, 2018
10/01/2018 State of The Judiciary Dinner 2018
09/10/2018 FREE Ethics CLE - Practicing Law is Hazardous to Your Health
08/25/2018 Skagit VLP / LBAW Legal Clinic
08/24/2018 Project Homeless Connect Legal Clinic
08/17/2018 2018 Golf Tournament -- Whatcom and Skagit County Bar Associations
08/13/2018 Free CLE - Maritime Law
06/29/2018 Open House Retirement Reception for Commissioner Karen Lerner
06/04/2018 The Ethics of Representing Pro Bono and Moderate Means Clients
05/07/2018 Trusts & Estates and Estate Taxes - An Overview
04/30/2018 Law Day and Liberty Bell Dinner
04/30/2018 24rd Annual Law Day Legal Clinic
04/28/2018 Have a Heart Run (in support of the Skagit VLP)
04/21/2018 Skagit VLP/LBAW Legal Clinic
04/09/2018 Free Ethics CLE - Everything IOLTA
02/24/2018 9th Annual Think Summer! Dinner and Auction
02/09/2018 Superior Court Commissioner Gwen L. Halliday Swearing In Ceremony
02/05/2018 SCBA FREE CLE - Choose Your Adventure - Protection Orders
01/31/2018 Open House Celebration for the Retirement of Commissioner Brian Paxton
01/15/2018 Using Technology to Improve Your Practice
12/11/2017 The Skagit County Judges and Skagit County Bar’s Annual Holiday Party
11/15/2017 REGISTER NOW: NOV 15, 2017 - Annual VLP-CLE
11/06/2017 2017 SCBA Annual Business Meeting and Election of Officers
11/02/2017 Beer & Justice
10/09/2017 State of the Judiciary Dinner
10/02/2017 ODYSSEY PRESENTATION - 10-2-2017 @ 12 NOON
09/20/2017 Free CLE (Requires Commitment to Volunteer): Protecting Immigrant Children through State Court Actions and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
08/25/2017 Skagit - Whatcom - Island - San Juan Bar Associations Golf Tournament & Dinner
08/25/2017 Project Homeless Connect Legal Clinic
07/18/2017 Free (with volunteering commitment) Housing Justice Project CLE
07/14/2017 Swearing In Ceremony for Judge Laura M. Riquelme
06/30/2017 Open-House Celebration Honoring Judge Rickert
05/08/2017 SCBA FREE CLE - 1031 EXCHANGES
04/29/2017 Have a Heart Run
04/28/2017 Law Day & Liberty Bell Luncheon
04/27/2017 23rd Annual Law Day Legal Clinic
04/15/2017 Skagit VLP / LBAW Legal Clinic
04/03/2017 SCBA FREE CLE - Recognizing Immigration Issues in Your Practice
03/06/2017 SCBA FREE CLE - Intellectual Property
02/28/2017 SCBA Legal History Project Meeting
02/25/2017 THINK SUMMER!!! SAT FEB 25, 2017
02/06/2017 SCBA FREE CLE - BANKRUPTCY: What All Attorneys Should Know
01/31/2017 SCBA Legal History Project Meeting
01/09/2017 SCBA FREE CLE - QDRO? What QDRO?
12/12/2016 2016 Judges & SCBA Holiday Party
10/26/2016 2016 ANNUAL FULL-DAY VLP-CLE - 6.25 Credits, including 1 Ethics
10/10/2016 STATE OF THE JUDICIARY 2016
09/12/2016 SCBA Free Ethics CLE - The Dreaded Letter - Bar Complaints and Response
06/13/2016 SCBA Free CLE - Family Law Mediation: Trials & Tribulations
05/02/2016 SCBA CLE -- Best Practices in Employment Law
04/29/2016 Law Day & Liberty Bell Luncheon
02/08/2016 Disciplined Discovery CLE

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