• 06/25/2020 9:06 AM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    WSBA Local Hero

    Heather Webb

    We have been informed that Ms. Heather Webb, Managing Attorney of the Burlington office of GLP Attorneys P.S., Inc. and Skagit County Bar President has been selected as a WSBA Local Hero.  The presentation of the award will be at the Board of Governor’s meeting this Friday June 26 at 8:50 AM.  The meeting is being held virtually.  A copy of the notice and invitation we received from the WSBA is set forth below.  The Executive Committee of your Skagit County Bar Association thinks that it would be great for as many Skagit Attorneys as possible to sign on for the brief virtual award presentation.

    “Thank you for selecting two fantastic Local Heroes - Heather Powell from Whatcom County and Heather Webb from Skagit County - to receive WSBA Local Hero Awards! We had hoped to host you at the June Board of Governors meeting in Bellingham, however the COVID-19 situation has made it impossible to have an in-person meeting.  The board will still meet virtually, and we hope that you might join in for the presentation of the Local Hero Awards. President Rajeev Majumdar will speak about the Local Heroes at 8:50 AM on Friday, June 26, and he plans to host an in-person presentation of the awards when we can all meet again.

    Here (below) are the instructions on how to participate, or you can find the information on the WSBA website:”

    Congratulations Heather!

    A well-deserved honor!

  • 06/22/2020 10:45 AM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Attached is the introduction of Andrew Dugan, the new Program Manager for Skagit Volunteer Lawyer Program.

    New VLP Program Manager, Andrew Dugan.pdf

  • 06/15/2020 9:47 PM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Attached is Skagit County Superior Court's most recent emergency order. This comprehensive order provides guidance and direction regarding hearings, calendars and updated processes.

    Please pay attention to page 5 of the order that outlines the Court Masking and Social Distancing Policy. Additionally, a new email address for proposed civil and domestic orders can be found on page 8: Lastly, there is a calendar template on pages 11 & 12 that we hope will help with understanding the new schedule.

  • 06/03/2020 10:53 AM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Members of the bar,

    It's that time of year for courts to consider and submit changes to local rules. Please submit any proposed changes to Superior Court's local rules to Lisa West by June 15th.

    The Superior Court bench proposes the attached rule regarding the Torrens Act. This rule is not intended to substitute for the normal process used outside of RCW 65.12 Additionally, Superior Court has received a proposed rule regarding unlawful detainers. Both are attached.

    The judges will consider any comments or suggested changes that are sent to Lisa West by June 15th:

    Best Regards,

    Skagit County Superior Court Bench

    Torrens rules.pdf

    Proposed Rule Change.pdf

  • 06/02/2020 4:58 PM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Please see the attached Emergency Order 20-7. This Order extends operations through June 15th and includes minor adjustments. The Criminal Calendar start time at the Skagit County Jail will now begin at 1:30 PM Mon-Friday.

    Superior Court Emergency Order 20-7.pdf

  • 05/11/2020 7:12 AM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Please see the attached Administrative Order 20-4 for the District Court and Municipal Courts of Anacortes, Burlington and Mount Vernon.

    Administrative Order 20-4.pdf

  • 04/30/2020 4:58 PM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Attached is a copy of the latest Skagit County Superior Court Emergency Order.

    Emergency Administrative Order 20 6-A.pdf

  • 04/23/2020 4:38 PM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Would you like to earn $1000?

    As many of you know, the Skagit Volunteer Lawyer Program is recruiting a Program Manager. Attached is the job description.

    How can you help? Please network with your attorney friends and help us find a good candidate for the position.

    SCBA's Executive Committee has approved to pay a finder’s fee of $1,000.00 to any SCBA attorney who refers us a candidate that is hired and is employed for three months in the position.

    Now that we are all working from home and checking in with our friends, family and colleagues this would be a great time to brainstorm who would be a great fit for this position and refer them to us for an interview.

    VLP Manager.pdf

  • 04/17/2020 10:27 AM | Luigi Colombo (Administrator)

    Good morning, everyone,

    Attached is a document outlining the schedule for District Court once the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is rescinded or modified.  Please bear in mind that this plan could change based on directives from either the Governor or our state Supreme Court which are inconsistent with this schedule.

    I would like to thank all of the county personnel who have helped with every request we have made to protect the health of our court staff, attorneys, and litigants, particularly Public Health, Human Resources, Sheriff, Jail staff, Facilities, and Emergency Management.  A special thank you to our County Commissioners, who have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of District Court, and to Judge Svaren for his guidance during this extraordinary time. 

    I’d also like to thank everyone for their continuing cooperation and positive spirit as we navigate uncharted waters.

    Judge Dianne Goddard


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